KeyranSolo's Medal Guide - 'Bad Day of Balloon'

2012-06-02 19:44:34 by keyransolo

This is my first medal guide, I hope it helps. PM me for any requests for other games if you wish.

Game: Bad Day of Balloon
Programmer: TheNAkos
Medals: 5
Difficulty: 5/10
Genre: Skill / Avoid


I Am Proud - 5 Points
Be proud of your achievement and submit your score
This is the easiest medal in the game, simply get any score and submit it, then it's yours.

I Like Intros - 5 Points
Do not skip the intro
Another really easy medal, watch the entire intro sequence without skipping it.

METAL - 5 Points
Lets rock and kill sharp stuff!
Start the game and soon after, metal baseballs will begin to fall from the top. Grab one and the medal will unlock.

Badass - 100 Points
More than 2000 points
This one is a little tricky but once you get a feel for the game, it shouldn't be too hard. Collect falling metal baseballs and bump into sharp objects like crazy for a fast and easy way to attain points. Keep a close eye on your health / lives, and collect red balloons whenever the opportunity arrises. I almost got 3000 so it is definitely possible.

666 (Secret Medal) - 0 Points
Die at 666 points
This medal took me the longest to get, you have to get game over at exactly the 666 score mark, my way of doing it was by doing what I'd to to get points -- collect falling metal baseballs and keep racking up the points until you get to the 600-650 score mark, then get your balloon as small as possible so that your lives are at zero ('Lives: 0'). Then very carefully avoid the sharp objects whilst keeping a very close eye on your score. As soon as you see your score is at 666, kill yourself for the game over, this is when the medal will unlock.

KeyranSolo's Medal Guide - 'Bad Day of Balloon'

KeyranSolo's gaming wishlist for 2012.

I've probably missed a few games I'm gonna end up getting, comment and share your wishlist.

Halo 4
The Darkness II
Devil May Cry HD Collection
Diablo 3
Final Fantasy X HD
Final Fantasy Versus XIII (IF it is released in 2012)
Grand Theft Auto V
Max Payne 3
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (comes out this month here in UK)
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Street Fighter X Tekken
Twisted Metal

Merry Christmas 2011!

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